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Mesmerizing Hair Coloring And Styling To Compliment Your Natural Beauty

Hair Styling

Flattering and functional styling, scissoring and shaping of hair of all lengths, straight or curly. We keep up with current trends and techniques and pay attention to every little detail.

Hair Coloring

With a reputation of being among the leading hair coloring experts in Miami, we create harmonized color tones while keeping the hair natural, low maintenance and healthy.

Special Occasions

We’ll make you look fabulous for any occasion; wedding, bridesmaid, prom, homecoming, birthday, job interview, etc. We’ll make you and your hair look “spectacular.”

Ling Chow Salon is the best hair experience you will ever have. It is a well-known beauty secret for the best-looking woman in Miami. If you are able to get an appointment with Ling personally you will have hair envy by all of your friends. Ling has somewhat of a cult following by her clientele. She is an expert colorist and hair stylist. Here is what columnist/writer Rebecca Cofiño had to say about Ling Chow  and her salon:

“Every salon has its own little niche. Some are wonderful and offer amazing haircuts.  Others just have a great atmosphere.  Some salons are even less about hair and more about the day spas attached to them.  The Ling Chow Salon in Coconut Grove is renowned for one thing: superb color.

Getting your hair colored and highlighted is one of the most expensive and time-consuming salon services.  It’s not hard to get color wrong.  A blond can turn brawny, a brunette can have too many auburn highlights and red can hideously have purple undertones.  None of this will happen at the Ling Chow Salon.  Their keen understanding of chemical treatments means unparalleled success.  You must devote a few hours of your life ever couple of months and pay a few hundred dollars to maintain a hair color.  With that much of a commitment, it’s important to get the results that you not only like, but truly love.

Allure Magazine, the periodical devoted to beauty, named Ling Chow Salon one of the best places to get color and highlights in Miami.  “They are capable of drastic transformations that magically appear natural.  Even movie productions filmed in Miami count on Ling Chow to deliver consistent results.  They colored the cast of the Miami Vice movie a few years ago.”

Ling Chow is known for one other thing besides color, and that is excellent customer service.  Appointments are on time and the staff is professional and courteous.  The time you spend there will be pleasant and you are guaranteed to walk out with perfect color.  How many salons can deliver that?”

Special Occasions/Brides


“Ling Chow Salon Is The Best Hair Experience You Will Ever Have”

Happy client, happy stylist…


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